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Here are some useful links that we find of interest and related to good health.
If you know of any more that we should add, please e-mail us and let us know!

Canadian association on Water Quality - Publishers the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada.

Vital Health - David Lee - David is a Certified Fitness Consultant and Trainer , and has obtained three degrees and one diploma. His areas of study include Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Massage, Shiatzu, Reflexology, and Western / Chinese Herbalism . He is a certified Naturotherapist, Iridologist and Nutritionist , with the ability to help his clients renew their vital health.

Dragonfly Family Health Centre - Providing a natural and scientific approach to healing.

Alive Magazine - Online interactive natural health site.

BelKraft - The original BelKraft web site with all the pictures.

Water.ca - An online media dedicated to chronicling North America's water issues.

Water Filter Canada - Great water products and our partner site.

Other interesting sites - Related sites on health and nutrition.

Resources - Other sites of interest.

General Filter - Distibutor of quality water and air filters and waterless cookware.

Nor-Pac Media Services - The western distributor for Rogers  Publications.

Riplees Ranch Feed and Pet Supply Inc. Established in 1996, with approx. 60 distributors in Western Canada.  

Promotional Offers - Special Incentive Offers and Discount.



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